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Profeta Painting's Steps To Painting The Exterior Of Your Home

Spring is just around the corner in Rochester, NY (I think). At Profeta Painting we have started to receive inquiries of home owners interested in the cost and process associated with painting the exterior of their home.

First, we set up an initial estimate so that we can determine the condition of your home’s exterior. Is it peeling? Is it flaking off at all? Is there any water damage on the fascia board that needs replacing? We’ll also be looking for any siding that is rotten or shows any imperfections. The prep work prior to painting or staining is very important. Paint won’t stick to rotten wood, so we recommend replacing the siding or if it is a small area using a wood hardener or filler that matches.

Paint also does not adhere to dirty or rough surfaces, so we will clean the siding and trim prior to painting. We do this by scraping and power washing before we begin painting or staining.

Next, the time of year is an important factor when scheduling you project. We need a dry, with little to no rain forecast and if possible lower humidity so that it has enough time to dry.

We recommend 2 coats of high quality exterior paint. This helps the job hold up - especially here in Rochester you can't underestimate the weather and all of the elements that come with it (sun, wind, snow, rain, occasional hail)!

Finally we ask the homeowner to move any furniture away from the house (we can help with this too). Anything that we are unable to move we cover with a drop cloth to protect.

We hope that helps paint a better picture of what you can accept from us if we paint the exterior of your home. Please feel free to reach out with any other questions!

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