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New Year, New Cabinets?

White Kitchen Profeta Painting

By now you've all heard the news ---> Chip and Joanna are having another baby. I think it's about time we thank them. If it wasn't for Fixer Upper, I'm not sure we'd get as many calls for our customer's wanting to repaint their cabinets. I've heard that the trend of white cabinets is on the way out, however; here at Profeta Painting we don't see that trend slowing down anytime soon. White cabinets are clean fresh and timeless.

I thought I'd take a few minutes to answer some common questions we receive from customers about painting their cabinets.

Question: Can you paint my cabinets?

Answer: The first step is to visit your home to take a look at the cabinets. We need to see what finish is currently on your cabinet, that way we'll know what process we will have to use to provide a lasting finish.

Question: Will you be spraying, rolling, or brushing my cabinets?

Answer: There are a few factors we consider when painting your cabinets. It depends on customer preference, time, desired finish look to name a few.

Question: Do I have to empty everything out of my cabinets?

Answer: If you would like the inside of your cabinets painted, then yes we require that you remove everything. However, many of our customers only want us to paint the outside and in the case you can leave everything and we will seal them off.

Question: What can I expect the process of painting my cabinets to be?

Answer: While not every job is the same. Usually, there are the steps involved in painting your cabinets:

1) All cabinets are washed and cleaned. We do this to remove any grease or dirt build-up.

2) Typically, we remove all doors, hardware and hinges .

3) We mask off all countertops and appliances.

4) Cabinets are sanded and dusted.

6) A primer coat is applied, followed by two coats of finish paint.

Question: How long will it take to paint my kitchen cabinets?

Answer: A standard kitchen can be completed within a week.

We hope this helps clarify a few common questions when it comes to painting your cabinets. I'll just leave you here with this sign from Slap Stick Signs found on Etsy...

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