A 'table' to remember

And just like that the holiday season is upon us. We're already starting to think about Thanksgiving over here at Profeta Painting. Where should we go, what should we do, and more importantly what should we eat? Ok the last one is easy - stuffing, lots of stuffing. Another big thing in our family is preparing the table. Over the years, our table setting ends up looking like a Pinterest fail, but this year we're preparing ahead of time.

Check out our Pinterest Board Inspiration here.

We are loving the look of mini painted pumpkins. It's a great way to use your left over Pumpkins from Halloween. We'll be going to the Public Market this Saturday to see if we can still find some!

Thanksgiving Table Setting

Photo Cred: Casa de Perrin's (above) Canadian Living Magazine (below)

Painting Pumpkins Thanksgiving Table

We also picked up our donation boxes today from the Small Business Council of Rochester, NY for the "SBC Cares" Event. We learned that for the last 22 years the Small Business Council, has been giving back to the Rochester community. Their goal for the 2017 SBC Cares Thanksgiving Appeal is to provide more than 3,000 families with food boxes for Thanksgiving dinner. Profeta Painting is excited to be donating this year! You can register or sign up to participate here.

We are looking for charitable organizations to donate to for Christmas, as well as throughout the year. Comment below any organizations that you know of in Rochester, NY that may be in need :)

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